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  1. Its a great shame there’s all this bickering going on. But yes! Sham aint sham without jim, simple. Its to do with the vocals,certain sound makes it you see. Its the thing we fell in love with isnt it? Otherwisehe its like pistols without rotten! Not the same.

  2. Why doesn`t that Tim guy just pack it in? He must know he`s flogging a dead Horse. Once folk have seen the fake Sham they never return. It`s a joke he is carrying this on. Around 60% punters ask for their money back when they see the line up! It`s like The Drifters. Waht a band of Chancers its like me forming a band with Algy Ward and going out as The Damned…..totally stoopid! Poor turnouts in Scotland and Gateshead I heard….why bother?

    • at last someone thinks the same way am thinking about this tim v person.i dont want to go one and one but when i was a teenager i went to all the,well most of all the punk bands who played in glasgow and sham 69 was the first band i went to see in the apollo yes the famous GLASGOW APOLLO.all the singles and albums i bought buy sham 69 never once say anything about tim v or neil harris if i didnt know about this tim v and bought a ticket to see sham and this tim v walked on i would have walked out cos i would be thinking i was going to see jimmy pursey and between the lines.

  3. There has only ever been ONE true PUNK ROCK band, THE COCKNEY REJECTS. read Jeff Turner’s book, watch the film. Mick Geggus best punk guitarist ever. The Rejects were the real deal. Absolute Legends.

    • Why put this rubbish on the sham web site….rejects are good, werent there at the beginning and not a patch on sham and cancel tours leaving people like myself pissed off.

  4. I’ve seen Sham with Pursey many times and Tim V’s Sham twice. The original Sham 69 were awesome at the Durham Punk festival this year. I’m looking forward to seeing the Sham 69 MkII at Gateshead Black Bull tonight.

    • as i live in the real part of london we dont call real men twats it says it all everyone knows jimmys sham and dont have to lie on the posters its a shame you like scum69 what a big singer he is any you run along like a gook little scum69 fan bally the hammer

  5. scum 69 with this tim v i dont know back in the day jimmy was the man went to see them at brixton and you know hes still the man if you want to go and see someone who thinks hes as good as jimmy says it all you have not seen sham 69 bally the hammer

  6. mike im not knocking tims band im sure .hjs heart is in the right place anyone .plays live needsa big pat on the back but we just need to know when we see sham 69 gig who it is jimmy or tim stu

  7. i agree with you there should only be one sham 69. daft and unprofessional having 2. but i think you will find that at the moment the TIM V version is the real official SHAM 69

  8. hi all sham fans please can we have one sham69 the other one . tim..vss sham69 coverband then we all know where we stand ….

  9. I was lucky enough to support the Parsons/Tim V line up in Edinburgh a few years ago with my old band Nasty Nasty and they were really good. But there just cant be 2 bands with the same name playing the same songs. The real Sham 69 are Parsons/Pursey and you faaaaaaacking know it!

    • well said mate, regardless of how long any one person has been in the band, the true sham will always be pursey and parsons. thats is sham 69 and you all know it. Tim v’s band should call themselves Tim v’s sham or something then the fans dont get misslead as to who they are paying to see. the size of the crowd speaks for its self, last night in leeds the real sham played to a full packed house, had it been the fake sham there would not have been a 10th of those people there…………..

      • how can it be a cheap cover band when it contains Neil Harris the ORIGINAL guitarist and Ian Whitewood sham 69s longest serving drummer? have a look at the website they have loads of shows booked

  10. Why do you slag a guy off who has worked his arse off for the last five years and breathed life back into a band. Tim v isnt trying to be jimmy pursey i have been a sham fan since 77 and seen them all over the country loads of times. Dave Parsons was in the band with Tim v when Jimmy didnt want to play live anymore. didnt you know that? also Ian the drummer has been with them for the last 25 plus years. no disrespect to the current drummer but hes not original, Danny has played with them for the last year. before that he was never heard of. so to rubbish Tim v is very unfair if it wasnt for him and Dave touring the world for five years. the original 77 line up wouldnt be back together now. seen the Tim v line up and they are superb. there are 2 sham 69s but none of them are counterfeit.

  11. .dead in the water .dont think so sham 69 .have allways ..had great passion on record and even more live tim v will never b jimmy he look like dick emery dad ive got it rong again how sad you call yourself sham69 .why not scam69

  12. great gig at brixton jimmy you r the man why r there 2 sham69s r you playing at the borderline london or is it the counterfit sham thanks again stu

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