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  1. back in 1978 my brother and i we were listening to “musik us london” every sunday on swiss radio. sham69 was our favorite band.

  2. I saw sham 69 3 times back in the day when I was 14 -18. I thought I went to their last ever gig at Finsbury park where there was a bit of a riot. I would love to see them again.

  3. Hi,
    any chance that Sham 69 will visit/play in Holland on short notice?And if you need a support act, why don’t you try the Sox Pistels 3.0?

  4. Hi can anyone please help me with contacting Jimmy Pursey or his manager, does anyone know the name of the management company. Many thanx.

  5. Major Harry Cannell.
    Mr ‘hurry up Harry’!
    Died peacefully today, a fine gentleman, a very rare kind of man with such honour & pride.
    Hope his memory remains with you sham and that you can say he tought you a thing or two.

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