11th Rebellion Festival, Blackpool, Winter Gardens

6th Edinburgh, Liquid Room
7th Northeast Calling Festival, Newcastle, O2 Academy


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  1. If u come to belguim send me a email . When i lissen to sham 69 i feel pumped up its like im lssinging to iggy and the stooges . makes me go fucking mental . Come to belguim ! Hey hey my my this shit wil never die !!!

  2. When are u coming to belguim cause its way to fucking boring over here :) maybe u could do a gig with the Kids . Cant wait to get fired up with booze and tunes ! common !

  3. I would love to see Pursey’s Sham when ever u play in the USA east coast I love If the kids are united. If u have a mailing list for gigs add me thank you

  4. When JP was away from the scene Tim V et al kept the music alive. They were great live and do a fine job. Original line up back on the scene now and really looking forward to that too.

  5. Tim V’s Sham 69 packed out Gateshead Black Bull in November last year. But it was a bit of a let down last month, with about 15 people there. I know there were some other Punk gigs on in the North East the same night. Gimpfist, Last Rough Cause and Control did Gateshead Three Tuns and they packed it out, accoring to my mates who went there instead.

    I will see Pursey’s Sham at Blackpool and Newcastle later this year. Tim V’s Sham 69 Who Killed Joe Public is pretty good, by the way. I bought it at their recent gig or public rehearsal it was more like.

    • i dont give a fuck about this tim v sham thing everybody should boycot that band.jimmy pursey should do somthing about it,look when i was a teenager jimmy pursey was the lead singer with dave parsons, kermit and mark or ricky, watching tim v sham would be like watching the damned without dave vanian and captain sensible.i hope this tim v goes away very very soon.i bet on my life if that sham tim v came to glasgow and i say glasgow nobody would even buy a ticket,thats if had the cheek to play in glasgow.iam right behind jimmy pursey and dave,kermit.

      • Don’t think there is anything Jimmy Pursey can do. Tim V was in the band with Dave Parsons and they toured the world and lifted sham. seems like the guy worked damned hard and most people have no respect for someone said on here previously, no Tim V no original Sham 69 back together. Ive seen both line ups many times and both are excellent. you said it was always jim, dave, dave, and Mark, where is Mark and who is Danny Fury? Jimmy Pursey is an iconic hero in punk, but Tim V is a grafter who doesnt deserve to be treated like an arsehole.

  6. was at a cd and record fair at the weekend in glasgow and got a hold of sham pistols album with four tracks on one side ond four on the other side,the live side was recorded at the glasgow apollo june 1979 and was my first ever gig i went too i was 14 years old.the four songs on side a are trully amazing the lp is called natural born killer.i think i will watch the arena documentry on sham 69 before i go to my bed.does any one no that hurry up harry is about jimmy purseys dog,lol my pet dog is called dexter and he can do the pogo.

  7. yes davey i do agree it is very confusing to hell with this tim v sham thing i have bought myself a ticket for sham at the liquid rooms in edinburgh for the 6 of september and om my ticket it says the 1977 original 1977 line up.sham 69 was the very first band i ever seen live at the glasgow appollo june 1979 i was 14 years old iam now 48 and have seen so many punk bands. the damned 40+ live all over britan slf the clash uk subs angelic upstarts so on and so on.and iam really looking forward to see sham again.

  8. Brian, there are currently 2 versions of Sham 69, Jimmy Pursey fronts one and Tim V fronts the other one which is very confusing for the fans

  9. I have flyer that shows sham 69 playing gig in Livingston Scotland on 23rd of this it the proper 77 line up with jimmy and the boys. The gig is for the tower music rooms and are hosting lot of punk ska bands over next few months.
    Please say jimmy pursey is coming to Livingston

  10. Jimmy,
    You were my hero when i was a teenager. Tell us the Truth was the first album I ever saved up my pocket money for and bought, but i never got the chance to see you play back then, living in North Cornwall at the time. I am now in Wales and see that Bogiez in Cardiff is advertising Sham 69 on the 15th November. Is this the real deal? I am praying that it is and, if so, will be at the front ready!


    argentinian crowds are really warmy

    PLEASE play in ergentinaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Spent all day sunday in a state of shock . Why you might ask? Because i saw Sham69 at the Durham Punk Festival the night before and they were on top form. Great show lads and great to see you up in our neck of the woods. Hope its not long before you return to the North East as you saw on sat night youve definatly got a strong fan base up here.

  13. It is not the real Sham 69 playing Aberdeen , it is Tim V Mans version . A completely different band with no Pursey or Parsons . Save your money

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