February 18th 2013

Sham 69 will not be playing the Orange County Fest in the USA later this year.

February 18th 2013

Sham 69 will be playing this years Rebellion Festival on Sunday August 11th.

February 18th 2013

Set List – The Anthology is released on February 25th.

July 17th 2012

My dad died peacefully on Sunday 7th July, fanx to all who have been so kind, also fanx to all who came to Brighton and Brixton

June 26th 2012

Jimmy PurseyFanx to all of you asking of my father, he’s been allowed to go home to Hersham to be looked after by care workers and us now so at least he will be with my family again, fanx

Sham 69 will not be playing outside of the UK in 2012.
Sham 69 has no sham army it is a punk faith of togetherness at any time, Sham 69 is a punk band full stop.


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  1. jimmy the hersham boys single outside the pub with all the boys was class what pub in hersham was it, sham were the best group better than the jam

    I liked the that’s life lp the cover was great jimmy

  2. just bought the new set list lp & have been suprised at how fresh the re recording of old tracks sound. don’t be in any doubt about this record its a winner & a delight. no bullshit just sham 69.

  3. Helo! My question is when and where will you play in Poland. I know abaut PoznaƄ. Where more. Sorry for my english. Greetings!

  4. i agree with the last comment,get up north especially glasgow,the last time sham 69 played the glasgow appollo was the best gig ive ever been to,i think it was because you didnt go to a sham 69 gig,and walk away without getting involved,infact half the stage was consumed by fans and i was one of them.ide love to see them back in glesga,on a saturday night,a gauranteed sellout,love jimmy,most down to earth man in rock,what you see is what you get

    • james what year ru talking about my first gig was sham 69 june 1979 at the apollo in glasgow and there was no fans any were near the stage,if u remember at any punk gig in the apollo if u tryed to get on the stage the bouncers would have kicked the shit out of u,i know,my mate went ahead with a bouncer at the side allyway of the apollo after a slf gig and we caused a bit of a riot.if anybody who is reading this and went to the punk gigs in glasgow,79 onwards remember those bastards the apg,fucking cunts.

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