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  1. To whom it may concern

    I am writing on behalf of Mark Collins, the Director and Producer of Rapid Intervention (a Clear Cutz Film, in association with FYLTE Films) an up and coming film currently in post-production. Rapid Intervention is a story about Chris Davidson (played by David Bowers – from Four Weddings and a Funeral) who is on a journey fraught with physical, mental and spiritual obstacles. His internal struggle with a diminishing faith is coming to a head as he strives to keep his life on track.

    The film is due to shoot in November 2012 in the Isle of Wight and we are currently looking into the cost of certain songs we are hoping to use in the film.

    I would like to first explain that whilst I am Assistant Producing on this project I do not know a great deal about music licensing and after trawling through the internet believe that I am contacting the right people, however if I am not, I would be grateful or any advise you can offer on the matter.

    We are looking to approximately 30 seconds of Angels with Dirty Faces by Sham69 and was wondering if you could give us a quote on this?

    If there is any further information you need regarding this, please not do hesitate to ask.

    Kind regards

    Sarah Culver

    Assistant Producer

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