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  1. Hi, sorry to bother you.

    I a putting the feelers out for a festival in my local area and I am curious how much it would and how I would go about, booking Sham 69 for a show?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    NE Tyne, NE Wear LTD.

  2. hello chaps I have a one sided single what have we got John peel can anyone tell me if this is rare and who released it? cheers

  3. Hi

    I know you probably get stuff like this all the time so there’s no point
    dressing it up I am begging for a raffle prize! A large part of the
    membership of Oldham Phoenix Scooter Club were born and bred in Shaw
    (you may have seen our small town on the news this week) We have decided
    to organise something with scooters to try to raise some money for the
    families that have been displaced as a result of Tuesdays explosion. On
    Sunday 15th July we are having an event at the Cricketers Pub in Shaw,
    we have DJs who have donated their time, we are hoping that we will have
    a large number of scooters coming over from all over the area and we are
    planning on having a raffle, football card or similar, passing buckets
    round, a couple of trophies and hopefully doing a bbq etc. If you could
    donate a raffle prize it would be much appreciated. Begging over I will
    now get up off my knees. Thanks for reading xxx Carol (OPSC)

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